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RMB 240 million made from Ningbo Tourism during May Day holiday

During the May Day holiday in 2020, shopping, eating and playing emerge as the indispensable trend, and the flow of people and sales in Ningbo’s major shopping districts rebounded. According to preliminary statistics, during this period, most of the city’s sales and passenger traffic increased by more than 50%, back to 80% in the same period in 2019.

Tian Yi Plaza, Wanda Plaza, Raffles City and other shopping districts took efforts to induce consumption, with different forms of festive activities and promotional offers, such as bazaar activities, handicraft DIY, live raffle and stream with goods. Yinzhou Wanda and Jiangbei Wanda issued 600 full discount coupons worth RMB 50 every day for 5 days; Sugai Outlet Plaza selected a consumer who spent RMB 3,000 or more per day for every day and gave away a Sugai Outlet stored value card worth RMB 3,000; Raffles City streamed the black technology and tasty snacks tucked in the Ningbo supermarket via Douyin.

The purchasing power of citizens was equally strong. For several consecutive days, a great deal restaurants in the shopping district during the dinner rush hour were full, and some popular restaurants even were waited for more than an hour. More customers went shopping in stores of fashion and trendy brands, jewelry and accessories, beauty and skincare. The fitting rooms of some fast fashion brands saw a line queuing up until night.

According to statistics, Yinzhou Wanda daily sales remained at more than RMB 10 million, up more than 250% over the pre-season, and its the daily passenger traffic registered about 80,000, up more than 160% from last year; Raffles City’s sales from May 1 to 4 reached nearly RMB 11 million, rising 76%, and the passenger traffic rose by 50% over the pre-season. “In the first three days of the holiday season, 125% growth were detected in both daily average sales and passenger traffic growth on Donggu Dao”, said the person in charge of Donggu Dao.

In addition, the sales of major supermarkets were generally stable, with an increase of more than 40% month-on-month. Among them Century Lianhua (Jiangbei store) averaged 15% increase in daily sales, up more than 90%. The catering service grew by more than 110%.

According to the Ningbo Municipal Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Bureau, as of 16:00 on May 5, a total of 2.269 million tourists weer received in the city’s tourist attractions, hotels and rural tourist attractions. Nearly RMB 240 million of revenue were generated. Among them, rural tourist spots received nearly 2.08 million tourists, reaping profits more than RMB 150 million; the average rent rate of rooms in major tourist hotels exceeded 50%, achieving a business income of RMB 64.53 million; the ticket income of major tourist scenic spots exceeded RMB 18 million, and tourism revenue registered more than RMB 27 million

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