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Six series of reading activities to be launched

Reading classics may lead to the growth of children. On June 5, the second “Ningbo Accompanied Reading Day” activity, with the theme of “accompanying children in reading classics”,

was launched at the Shanwai Xinhua Bookstore. Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore Group has simultaneously released six series of activities for reading classics with children.

This year, with the theme of “accompanying children in reading classics", Ningbo aims to encourage children to experience the beauty of words, literature, and traditional culture while reading classics. On the morning of June 5, Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore Group released six series of activities around the theme, including the “great writers in textbooks” activity, opening a pop-up store for accompanied reading, poster collection for accompanying reading classics, reading classics recommended by prominent writers, bookstores on campus, and the extracurricular expansion of classics reading. It is reported that the six major series of activities will run throughout the year, to spark a nationwide reading frenzy in the whole society.

Last April, the “accompanied reading day” activity, jointly created by Ningbo Daily Newspaper Group and Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore Group, was officially unveiled, and the “Xinhua Accompanied Reading” applet was launched to the general public. After more than a year of operation, the applet has attracted over 400,000 registered members, with over 10 million views throughout the year and a total sales of 1.05 million books. About 2,320 reading activities have been held, 60 live broadcast activities have been made, and 1,305 book recommendation videos have been posted.

On the spot, the organizer presented three major awards for this year’s accompanied reading organizations, accompanied reading masters, and accompanied reading teachers. Mao Lulu and Cui Ming, two well-known writers, were awarded the title of “accompanied  reading masters”; Shanghai Jiujiu Shuren Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. was selected as an “accompanied reading organization”; Lu Qi, Secretary of the Education Group of First Experimental School of Ningbo Eastern New Town, Zhang Quanmin, Ph.D. in Education from Beijing Normal University, and Liu Quanxia, Secretary of the Education Group of Ningbo Siyanqi Primary School, were entitled “accompanied reading teachers”. Based on the big data of the applet, Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore Group has selected 10 “Accompanied Reading Stars” from readers by considering such factors as book purchase volume, frequency, and category.

On the same day, a newly upgraded “Reading at Home” service also made its debut. This service supports the local “delivery within an hour” of 200,000 types of books on the “Xinhua Accompanied Reading” applet. Readers can also choose express delivery, which can be shipped nationwide, or choose self pickup. After placing an order online, they can pick up the book at the nearest store.

The signing ceremony for the settlement of Children’s Library, also the Yinzhou District Library Branch, in the Shuxiang Cultural Park was also held on site. The Ningbo Writers Association, Ningbo Literature Port Magazine, and Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore Group signed a cooperation framework agreement. The three parties plan to jointly build an online display platform named “Little Bookworm”, to work together to enhance students’ reading motivation, and promote the effect of the “accompanying children in reading classics” activity

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