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three buildings in Ningbo three parks were rated as the first batch

of “model students” of the digital economy in the province

On May 29, Xingang Town, Ningbo Software Park and Yuyao Intelligent Optoelectronics Town were successfully selected into the list of the first batch of demonstration digital economy industrial parks in Zhejiang Province, and Yongshuiqiao Science and Technology Innovation Center, Ningbo Industrial Internet of Things Digital Building, and Cixi Smart Valley Digital Building were successfully selected into the list of the first batch of demonstration digital buildings in Zhejiang Province. Among them, Ningbo Industrial Park ranks first in the province in terms of the number of selections.

“When the clarion call to focus on new industrialization and develop new quality productivity sounds, Ningbo, which fully implements the new development concept, is opening a new exploration of the high-quality development of the digital economy through a 'rejuvenation

activity'.” The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology said that the selection and identification of demonstration digital economy industrial parks and digital buildings is to create a demonstration sample of the city's digital industry platform.

From the perspective of distinctive leading industries, obvious agglomeration effects, prominent innovation capabilities, outstanding economic benefits, and complete supporting services, the selected industrial parks and buildings are undoubtedly the “vanguard” of Ningbo's unconventional and high-quality development of the digital economy.

In Xingang Town, a number of leading enterprises are accelerating their rise. Taking the pilot of the “chain length system” as an opportunity, Xingang Town aims at the key and scarce links of the industrial chain, focusing on the “chain master” enterprises, and has introduced a total of 40 upstream and downstream industrial projects, covering four categories: wafer manufacturing, key materials, packaging applications, and IC design, and the town's industrial ecology has begun to take shape.

Upstairs and downstairs are customers or industrial chain-related enterprises, and such scenarios are accelerated in the Ningbo Industrial Internet of Things digital building.     By focusing on the manufacturing, R&D of intelligent sensors and industrial Internet of     Things, since its establishment more than 6 years ago, this characteristic building, which covers an area of only 54,600 square meters, has introduced nearly 200 enterprises in eight vertical industrial chains, including sensors, modules, materials, intelligent equipment, software, applications, services, and integration.

Not only that, relying on scientific research and innovation platforms such as the Institute of Information Technology Application of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Ningbo and the Key Laboratory of Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment of Zhejiang Province, the building focuses on the transformation and upgrading of Ningbo's advantageous industries, breakthroughs in key technologies of IoT computing and IoT applications, and is promoting the deep integration of the human-machine-object intelligence industry chain, and will overcome and transform a number of cutting-edge and common key technologies.

Through industrial agglomeration and innovative development, Ningbo's digital economy industry has developed strongly. According to the data, in the first four months of this year, the growth rate of added value of Ningbo's digital economy industry increased by 9.8% year-on-year

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