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Siming Nanci, Yuyao Beach Oboe, Lotus Fall, Jingyun Drum......

The College Quyi Alliance competition came to an end

On May 27th, the final of the 4th Ningbo College Quyi Alliance competition came to an end, presenting a wonderful quyi feast for the audience.

Since its launch in April this year, the competition has attracted the active participation of many college music lovers. The entries not only include cross talk, sketches and other forms of music, but also emerge local characteristics such as Siming Nanci, Yuyao Beach Oboe, Lotus Fall, Jingyun Drum, etc. At the finals, Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Vocational University brought the classic singing section "Step into Spring" with self-playing and self-singing and beautiful tunes; Ningbo Preschool Normal College staged the popular and vivid, singing Shaoxing Lotus Fall "Back to My Mother's Home"; Ningbo University created a humorous comedy “Parody of the Three Kingdoms”...

After fierce competition, Shaoxing Lotus Fall's "Back to My Mother's Home" successfully won the gold medal with its vivid performance; The cross talk "Parody of the Three Kingdoms" and the sketch "Hero" won the silver award; Siming Nanci "Stepping Spring", Jingyun drum "The End of Chou and the Beginning of Yin" and sketch "China Opera" won the bronze award. In addition, Zhejiang Vocational and Technical College of Industry and Commerce and Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Vocational University won the Excellent Organization Award.

"Whether it is traditional songs such as Siming Nanci, Yuyao Tan Gong, Lotus Fall or Jingyun Drum, college students can use professional singing to show it, interpret it with vivid images, and reflect it with real stories." Tang Aichao, a judge of the competition and vice chairman of the Zhejiang Quyi Artists Association, said

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