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Ningbo College Students Festival launched

Yesterday morning, with the support of municipal departments, state-owned enterprises, universities, and various sectors of society, the Ningbo College Students Festival was launched. Once again Ningbo shows its hospitality to every young “elite”, offering them warm hugs.

This time, the event focuses on releasing a series of service measures for young college students who come to work and study in Ningbo, covering six aspects: transportation, preferential housing treatment, social networking, cultural and tourism experience, sports, and vocational training.  

In terms of "housing", relevant departments in our city have collaborated with 9 market-oriented housing rental institutions

to provide high-quality and affordable social rental housing for college graduates, and provide free intermediary fees, reduced prepayments, rental and service fee discounts and other benefits, creating a warm "first stop" for young college students.

In terms of "travel", for college graduates who came to Ningbo for the first time and paid social security within 3 years since July 1st last year, they can enjoy free and unlimited subway rides within one year; During the job search period in Ningbo, college graduates who are new to Ningbo and graduates from universities outside the city can also enjoy up to 30 days of free subway travel preferential treatment.

In terms of entertainment, college graduates who work in Ningbo can purchase annual tickets for parks in Ningbo (scenic area) and Ningbo Film Metropolis universal movie tickets at discounted prices. They can also purchase tickets related to the Ningbo Symphony Orchestra at a 40% discount. There are 11 free city experience "routes" and cultural exhibition activities waiting for immersive "check-in".

It is worth mentioning that from late August to early October, Yongpai will also collaborate with relevant units to launch "Employment Ceremony", "Induction Ceremony", and "Opening Ceremony" in turns. Online and offline activities will be conducted in parallel, with coupons, blind boxes, and red envelopes... to make every young college student feel Ningbo's sincerity

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