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Chinese and foreign teachers and students in University of Nottingham

Ningbo experience traditional customs of the Spring Festival

esterday noon, led by the inheritor of Ningbo's intangible cultural heritage, a brightly colored and exquisitely shaped golden "long dragon" appeared on the campus of the University of Nottingham Ningbo. Teachers and students from different countries welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year - the Year of the Dragon - with a special "dragon dance" performance.

"I learned that 'dragon' symbolizes good luck and auspiciousness in China. So today I am really happy to become a 'Chinese dragon'!" Moses Solomon, a teacher from the Department of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering registered immediately as soon as he saw the notice a week ago. This is his first year working in university. The strong traditional Chinese New Year flavor and unique folk activities impressed him very much.

Similarly, this is also the first "Chinese New Year" for Professor Jon Garibaldi, the newly appointed Executive President of University of Nottingham Ningbo: "This is my first time participating in an event celebrating the Spring Festival in China. Adding finishing touches to dragon, making dumplings, and writing blessings... I feel everyone's best wishes for the Chinese New Year!"

It is reported that this event was jointly organized by University of Nottingham Ningbo and Shounan Subdistrict in Yinzhou District, the former residence of Wang Yangming in Yuyao, Dongxi Village in Xiangshan, and the Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum in Yinzhou District. The sponsor not only prepared dumplings and Laba Congee, but also prepared Ningbo local food such as Xiangshan red beauty citrus, hand-made frozen noodles, and Dongxi native duck eggs. The event also invited Ningbo Dragon Dance Intangible Cultural Heritage inheritors, Yue Opera actors, calligraphers, tea artists, etc. to showcase the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture with their expertise.

"The theme of this event is 'Family Carnival', hoping to create a strong atmosphere for the Spring Festival, so that more teachers, students, and international friends can feel and experience traditional Chinese culture," said Han Shiying, Secretary of the First Party Branch of Institute of Technology of the school.

It is reported that as the first Sino-foreign cooperative university in China, there are currently over 10000 Chinese and foreign teachers and students from about 70 countries and regions around the world studying and working on the campus, where various cultures blend harmoniously and complement each other. More than 200 teachers, students, and family members participated in this event

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