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Six gifts for college students who come to work in Ningbo

On August 21st, the municipal human resources and social security department released six service measures for young college students who come to work in Ningbo, including transportation, preferential housing treatment, social networking, cultural and tourism experience, sports, and vocational training, a sincere gift package.

Where to settle down is the "top priority" for young college students who come to work in Ningbo for the first time. Ningbo's relevant departments have collaborated with 9 market-oriented housing rental institutions to provide high-quality and affordable rental housing for college graduates, and provide them with free intermediary fees, reduced prepayments, rent and other benefits, making them feel at home.

Taking the subway for free and unlimited times within a year is another gift that Ningbo provides for young college students who come to Ningbo. Graduates from universities who have been employed in Ningbo for the first time since July 1, 2022 and have paid social security within three years can enjoy free and unlimited subway rides within one year. During the job seeking in Ningbo, college graduates who are new to Ningbo and graduates from universities outside the city can also enjoy up to 30 days of free subway travel.

On the Ningbo Qinjiayuan platform, college students can find youth community organizations with common interests, join the "Ningbo Youth" community and 21 alumni associations on the platform, and regularly carry out youth themed activities, allowing more young people to embrace a new social life "beyond 8 hours". In addition, the Municipal Sports Development Center and the Municipal National Fitness Guidance Center will also provide free fitness experience coupons and fitness service discount coupons for college graduates who are employed in Ningbo, allowing young people to join the club and exercise happily.

In order to provide young college students with a better understanding of Ningbo, Ningbo has also made efforts to provide preferential cultural and tourism experiences. College graduates who come to Ningbo for employment can purchase annual tickets to parks in Ningbo (Scenic Area) at a discounted price, and have unlimited access to 39 high-quality scenic spots in 10 districts (counties, cities) of Ningbo within the one-year validity period. At the same time, you can purchase universal movie tickets for 14 Ningbo Movie Metropolis cinemas at discounted prices,   and purchase concert tickets for the 2023-2024 Music Season of the Ningbo Symphony Orchestra at a 40% discounted price. There are also 11 free city exploration experiences and cultural exhibition activities, waiting for them to experience.

This complimentary measure also focuses on young people’s major and expertise, providing free vocational training services related to their profession for college graduates who have left the school but have not been employed this year with employment intentions and training needs; Ningbo will also provide entrepreneurship plan training services for young people with entrepreneurial intentions to thrive

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