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16 Ningbo teenagers create a fantasy art exhibition

Yesterday morning, a fantasy art exhibition opened in the Dongqian Lake exhibition hall of Ningbo Art Museum.

16 Ningbo teenagers are the protagonist of the exhibition titled "UP>The Power of Growth-2021 Hongye Art Research Report Exhibition”. Their vitality and whimsy are focused on 16 research themes, from hip-hop culture to traditional costumes, from architectural styles to symbolic research, from film history to transportation, from ancient weapons to wild animals...Drawing scrolls from collected materials. At the beginning, they expanded step by step and created refreshing works such as large-scale inkjet painting, three-dimensional installation, scene sand table, hair design and so on.


The work "12 Squares" shows 144 gestures of various shapes. The work "Shadow" is a group of classic movie characters dancing the magical circle dance. White paper cranes descend from the sky in the light and shadow to create a dreamy scene, and layers of paper clips, fruit sticks and feathers are assembled into the most fashionable and dazzling hairstyles.


Hongye Art Studio started research and teaching in 2020. With the assistance of teachers, students learn to construct knowledge independently through investigation, experiment, operation, expression and communication and other exploratory activities, and complete the cultivation of exploration spirit and innovative ability. The implementation of this teaching model is precisely the implementation of the teaching concept of "Give instruction anytime and anywhere" by Jin Hao, the founder of Hongye Art Studio.


It is worth mentioning that most of the instructors of these works come from college art majors. They used the summer vacation time to form a creative team with their schoolmates, arguing, trial and error, confusion, from scratch, from flat to three-dimensional, each piece of work broke through its cocoon and turned into a butterfly.


This exhibition will last until October 10th, and the autumn is so refreshing. Take your family to Dongqian Lake and watch the new power

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