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Ningbo builds a 24-hour city study room

On the evening of October 31, the launch ceremony of the “24-hour City Study Room” was held in Ningbo Book City’s Mai Town II. Since then, this reading complex by the Yongjiang River has launched a new reading model, a 24-hour city study room.

 According to Yu Hui, general manager of Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore Group, culture is the spiritual soul of a city as bookstores are the spiritual landmarks of a city, and the 24-hour city study room is just an ever-burning light in these spiritual landmarks. As the 24-hour culture space, it offers readers not only books, but also a mediative and comfortable reading environment. Readers will find their way home in the city, feel warmth in the bookstore and draw strength in books. “This 24-hour city study room in Ningbo Book City is a unique gift from the Xinhua Bookstore Group to the city’s readers, and we look forward to endowing this special reading space with even more affecting memories,” Yu Hui said.

 Hearing that Ningbo Book City builds a 24-hour study room, Ms Wang, who was picking out books in the bookstore, said happily, “Does this mean that I can read here no matter how late it is in the future? That’s great! I will share this news with my family’s WeChat group right away.”

 At nine o’clock last night, the door for night readers in Ningbo Book City was opened, and from that night onwards, readers could walk into the bookstore at any time. It is learned from the person in charge that Ningbo Book City will arrange special staff on duty every night, and readers can contact the staff if they need help.

 At the launch ceremony, six young readers performed a wonderful poetry recitation, and the organizers also donated books to the readers’ representatives. Two local Ningbo writers, Zhao Ting and Gao Lina, gave a reading sharing session on the theme of “reading experience and city memory”. With shiny books being opened, the 24-hour city study room was officially launched.

 Since then, the 24-hour city study room with ever-burning lights and fragrance of books becomes a harbor for the city’s night readers

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