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The Central and Eastern European Youth Training and Exchange Camp Came to an End

Yesterday, 2021 China (Ningbo Beilun) Central and Eastern European Youth Art Week, an important exchange event-2021 China (Ningbo Beilun) Central and Eastern European Youth Training and Exchange Camp came to an end. This event was sponsored by the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism, and the People's Government of Beilun District, Ningbo City, and undertaken by the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism, Ningbo City, Beilun District.

The training exchange camp invited more than 20 young students and young art lovers from the University of Nottingham Ningbo, Ningbo Hewes Kent School, Ningbo Binhai International Cooperation School and other institutions to participate. The main activities include print art sharing, theme print experience, and environmental protection. Art co-creation, on-site visits, etc., are aimed at launching an art exchange trip with the theme of "protecting the coastline" to young friends, using artistic methods to arouse everyone’s awareness of coastal environmental protection, and to protect our common home. Build a modern coastal metropolis.

On the day of the camp, teachers from Ningbo Binhai International Cooperative School shared the art of printmaking and taught thematic printmaking on the spot. This not only extended the "East to East" contemporary printmaking exhibition, but also let the campers experience it firsthand. Feel the creative fun of print art.

Then, the campers visited the Ningbo China Port Museum to learn about the Beilun port culture. The campers also took the theme of "Guarding the Blue and Creating the Future Together". Through topics such as how to put environmental protection into action, the necessity of beach cleaning activities, and garbage sorting and recycling, they shared their personal environmental protection ideas, and formed active publicity and popularization of the marine environment. Consensus on environmental protection, such as protecting knowledge, not discarding garbage to the ocean and beaches, preventing pollution damage, and protecting ecological balance.

The Central and Eastern European Youth Training Exchange Camp focuses on youth groups, focusing on the cooperation and innovation of environmental protection and art. Through the exchanges and co-creation between youths, it calls on more young people to participate in marine protection, helps the implementation of ecological and environmental protection concepts, and creates a unique "youth innovation" for Beilun The ideal city of youth with vitality, digital economic strength, and port culture charm has a strong cultural heritage

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