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Hongzhi Cup Pipa Finals and Chinese Music "Little Golden Bell" (Pipa) Selection Competition held in Ningbo

The major string is as loud as torrential rain, and the minor string is as low as a whisper.  Yesterday, the 8th Ningbo Youth Chinese Talent "Future Star"-Hongzhi Cup Pipa Finals and Chinese Music "Little Golden Bell" (Pipa) Selection Competition was held at Ningbo Youth Palace. 60 young contestants took part in the competition. The charm of pipa art is beautiful and touching.

On the same day, 10 "Future Stars", 10 "Future Stars" nomination awards, and several outstanding awards were selected. Part of the winners will represent Ningbo to participate in the second Chinese music "Little Golden Bell" (Pipa) Performance held in Zhenhai in mid-August.

The selection of “Future Stars” for young Chinese talents in Ningbo started in 2014 and was founded by the Ningbo Chinese Culture Promotion Association. It has gone through 8 years and has become a comprehensive future art talent selection project in our city. This trial has attracted more than 200 young pipa enthusiasts from our city to register for the competition.

The competition adopts online registration. The contestants upload electronic videos for the preliminary and semi-finals. The organizing committee invites the judges to judge online, and the finals are selected on-site. After the preliminary and semi-final rounds, 60 contestants entered the on-site finals, which were divided into four groups: youth group, children A group, children B group and infant group

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