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First examination performance of first community music school in Ningbo held

"Hi! You are here too... I came here just after dinner."

"Hi! It’s great to enjoy the coolness and watch the music performance."

On the evening of August 13, Xujiacao community in Wangchun Street, Haishu District was very lively. The residents rushed to the community music school to take a seat, in order to watch a performance by the elderly and young people in the community.

This examination performance is the first one held at the doorstep since the establishment of the first community music school in Ningbo in May 2019. The performers have been are all ready for it.

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Ningbo Choir wins gold medal at Prairie Silk Road Chorus Festival

On August 13, Ningbo Choir returned with glory. In the second Ordos Prairie Silk Road Chorus Festival, they won the gold medal in the adult group with the highest score. This is the second time that Ningbo Choir has made great achievements after winning the Gold Medal of the third Zhejiang Chorus Competition and the Gold Medal of the 13th China International Chorus Festival. 

It is learned that the second Ordos Prairie Silk Road Chorus Festival was divided into adult groups, senior groups, and children's groups, which attracted 33 choirs from all over the country. With solid basic skills, tacit cooperation and superb singing skills, Ningbo Choir won the gold medal in the adult group with a predominant score. At the same time, the permanent commander Lu Lubin won the excellent conductor award, Tang

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Opening ceremony of “petrel assembly” held

On the afternoon of July 15th, the opening ceremony of the 2019 “petrel assembly” activity was held at the HowardJohnsonIFCPlaza, Ningbo. The activity is jointly hosted by the Organization Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Ningbo Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Ningbo Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation, and undertaken by Ningbo Chinese Overseas Student Association and the branches of the association in all the districts and counties. The opening ceremony attracted nearly 50 Chinese overseas students from the prominent colleges or universities of theUnited States, theUnited Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,France, South Korea, Japan,  Hong Kong, Macao, andTaiwan.

At the ceremony, Song Yifei from Sorbonne University of France and Li Haotian from the Sheffield University of the United Kingdom, on behalf of the new generation and old generation petrels, shared with the participants their overseas study experience and expectations for starting their home businesses back in Ningbo.

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Hong Kong Youth Sports Exchange Group comes to Ningbo

The Hong Kong Youth Sports Exchange Group, with over 120 members, arrived in Ningboon July 28. Then till August 2, they will conduct the sports exchange activities, to promote the improvement of the training and competition levels of youth sports in bothNingboandHong Kong, thus developing mutual understanding and friendship and strengthening cooperation and exchange between the two cities.

This exchange event is organized by the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, hosted by Hong Kong Sports Association Union, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Sports and Ningbo Municipal Sports Federation, and funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club. Upon the negotiation of the parties concerned, the Hong Kong delegation is composed of 102 sportsmen and 17 team leaders or coaches in such eight sports as basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, judo, martial arts, field and track events, and fencing, while its counterpart in Ningbo is made up of 133 athletes and 21 team leaders or coaches. The training sessions and competition games will be held atNingboSportsCenter(including the Fubang Stadium, the Youngor Gymnasium, and the comprehensive training hall),Ningbo Sports School and the No.2 Youth Amateur Sports School of Ningbo.    

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8th Ningbo International University Students Festival Opens

The 8th Ningbo International University Students Festival themed “Friendship, Exchange and Progress” opened on June 25, attracting about 200 foreign students and some international students in Ningbo.

Certificates of scholarship were awarded to 10 international student representatives by organizers of this event in the opening. In order to attract more international students, scholarship programs funded by the government for international students were initiated in 2011, providing scholarships ranging from 6000 yuan to 30,000 yuan. So far, as many as 1914 international students studying in Ningbo have won scholarships which boost the development of education for international students in Ningbo.

This year’s Ningbo International University Students Festival will last 4 days. During this event, foreign students will not only experience traditional Chinese culture but will also visit places including furniture manufacturer FOTILE in Ningbo-Hangzhou Bay New Zone and exhibition hall of urban planning in Hangzhou Bay New Area. Such friendly exchanges will enable them to have a better idea of Ningbo and broader China. Meanwhile, they will, at the invitation of some Ningbo universities and colleges, participate in various activities of cultural exchange. The closing ceremony of this festival will be held in Ningbo

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