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Charity associations subsidize university freshmen

On September 4th, it is learned from the Municipal Charity Federation that charity associations at two levels in the city actively carried out assistance for the university freshmen and extended a helping hand to students from poor family. According to statistics, in 2019, the city's charity associations spent more than 3.5 million yuan on this project. A total of 710 college students benefited.  Among them, the Municipal Charity Federation has funded 110 poor college students, and the total amount of expenditures has reached 550,000 yuan.

University freshmen have always been one of the key projects of charity assistance, and have received strong support from the majority of loving companies and caring people.

In 2019, the district/county (city) charity associations spent more than 3 million yuan in grants for college freshmen, and subsidized 600 freshmen.  According to reports, the Municipal Charity Federation has subsidized university freshmen for 21 consecutive years, with a total expenditure of 26.746 million yuan, and 6249 new students. The city's two-level charity associations have accumulated a total of 96.748 million yuan to support the university's 24,151 students

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