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The industry data circulation platform was launched

Ningbo fashion textile and garment with “digit” forward

On May 29, the textile and garment data circulation platform (trading center) was launched in Haishu. With the support of various data application services, Ningbo, a traditional advantageous industry, is expected to move forward with “data”.

With the accelerated integration of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, a new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence is accelerating its intervention, constantly changing the design, production, sales and other aspects of textile and garment enterprises, and this traditional industry urgently needs to take a key step in digital transformation. Taking design as an example, in the past, designers relied more on their own experience and inspiration to design clothes, and relied

on the digital capabilities of their own enterprises. Now, designers can obtain various data application services through the industry data circulation platform, understand the current popular styles, colors and fabrics more quickly, grasp the fashion trends of global textile and garment enterprises, and complete    the design of clothing at a lower cost.

“The addition of generative artificial intelligence makes it easier for anchors, designers, textile and garment companies and other subjects to realize their needs and ideas based on the analysis and application of data.” Zhiyi Technology is one of the companies that signed a contract to join the textile and apparel data circulation platform (trading center), said Li Hao, senior vice president of the company.

According to reports, at present, there are 30 companies like Zhiyi Technology and more than 130 data applications on the platform. The application of data will better help the development of Ningbo's fashion textile and garment industry.

With the launch of the textile and garment data circulation platform (trading center) and the port and shipping logistics data circulation platform (trading center) of the Ningbo Aviation Exchange, the data trading market system with Ningbo characteristics is gradually taking shape. In the next step, Ningbo will focus on the construction of more data circulation platforms (trading centers), and accelerate its progress towards a benchmark city of “data element ×” and a demonstration area for the application of data elements

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