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Ningbo Premium Belgrade Exhibition and Trade Center unveils

On May 20th, the unveiling ceremony and the first overseas livestreaming of Ningbo Premium Belgrade Exhibition and Trade Center were officially held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

The Exhibition and Trade Center is located in the largest Chinese shopping mall in the Balkan region - Serbia Eurasian Trade Center, with an area of 3000 square meters. It has a Ningbo premium offline exhibition area and a livestreaming room.

"This is the first economic and trade promotion platform we have established in Central and Eastern Europe, and also the first time we have moved our livestreaming room overseas through government enterprise cooperation." Fei Jianming, Director of the Trade Promotion Department of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, revealed that the Exhibition and Trade Center will target foreign trade enterprises in Ningbo for targeted investment, provide preferential entry conditions, and provide a more convenient and diversified business environment for Ningbo enterprises to develop in Serbia.

The first livestreaming is aimed at the UK market (including the US), with products including clothing, beauty products, and other Ningbo premium products. The live streamers are elites sent by Ningbo. "In the long run, we hope to 'let overseas influencers endorse Chinese brands', and the next step is to establish a livestreaming room in Belgrade, hoping to export Ningbo's livestreaming experience and cultivate local livestreaming talents in Serbia." Fei Jianming said that this year marks the 50th anniversary of Chinese teaching at the University of Belgrade, and the Ningbo representative has arranged for the university's affiliated colleges to discuss the reserve of e-commerce live streamers.

"The establishment of Ningbo Premium Belgrade Exhibition and Trade Center is one of the important measures for Ningbo to further deepen economic and trade cooperation with Serbia this year. Next, Ningbo will actively utilize the China Serbia Free Trade Agreement, which will be officially implemented on July 1, to help enterprises connect with Serbian exporters, expand the import of high-quality consumer goods such as Serbian beef and wine, expand more import categories, and continue to expand bilateral trade scale," said the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce

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