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Ningbo Municipal Youth League Committee

goes to Jilin University to recruit talents

In recent days, the Ningbo Municipal Youth League Committee has been recruiting talents at Jilin University with full sincerity, promoting Ningbo's talent policies, high-quality industries, and inviting students to come to Ningbo.

During their stay at Jilin University, the relevant leaders of the Youth League Committees of both sides jointly unveiled the " Ningbo Students’ Liaison Station at Jilin University". Several units from Ningbo introduced the basic situation, development positioning, talent policies of Ningbo to Jilin University's young students, showcasing Ningbo’s concept and trend of loving, cherishing, and valuing talents.

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Ningbo adds 37 new provincial-level future villages

January 10 from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs was informed that the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the provincial Department of Finance, the provincial urban and rural landscape improvement and enhancement of the work of the Office of the Task Force recently issued a joint letter, published in 2023, the future of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, to create the effectiveness of the results of the evaluation of a total of 292 villages for the future of the village at the provincial level. The city has 37 villages selected, of which, excellent grade and good grade each 8, the number of the first in the province.

The villages of excellent grade are Zhenhai District Jiulonghu Town Jiulonghu Village, Xiangshan County Xianziang Town Qinglai Village, Beilun District Chunxiao Street Sanshan Village, Ninghai County Meilin Street Hehong Village, Yinzhou District Jiangshan Town Go Matang Village, Fenghua District Chunhu Street Miao Village, Cixi City, Zonghan Street Miaoshan Village, Yuyao City, Luting Township, the village of Zhongcun.

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"Ala Ningbo" goes on a journey with "Harmony".

Ningbo Delicacies "Sitting" on the High-speed Railway

'Ala Ningbo' reminds you of the station ahead, 'Suzhou North Station'." Yesterday at 12:16 pm, the "Harmony" train, which stopped briefly at Shanghai Hongqiao Station, slowly started, and the soft voice of the announcer rang out from the carriages.

As a Ningbo people, passengers Mr Wu saw this train is doubly friendly. "There is a big 'Gifted Jiangnan genuine Ningbo flavour' slogan on the car, and when you walk into the car, the luggage rack, seat headrest cloth, and seat backs are full of Ningbo's delicious elements." he said by phone. He said on the phone.

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Ningbo to create 18 provincial-level modernized beautiful towns this year

The Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban Development was informed that according to the newly released list of the province, the city will create 18 provincial-level modernised beautiful town demonstration towns this year.

These 18 towns are Haishu District Jishigang Town, Longguan Township; Jiangbei District Cicheng Township; Zhenhai District Jiulonghu Township; Beilun District Qijiashan Street; Yinzhou District Dongqianhu Township, Jiangshan Township; Fenghua District Xikou Township, Xiaowangmiao Street; Lianglang Township, Yuyao City; Cixi City Henghe Township, Zhouxiang Township and Zonghan Street; Ninghai County Qiantong Township, Huchen Township; Xiangshan County Tingtang Township, Wall Township, and Sizhoutou Township.

Municipal Housing and Urban Renewal Bureau, said the person in charge of the beautiful town office, will be in accordance with the requirements of the province about the creation, adhere to the "people-oriented, all-age friendly, according to local conditions, classified policy,

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Grain production in Ningbo achieves consecutive increases

Good news came about the grain production in Ningbo: the total grain production last year was 750 million kilograms, an increase of 4.75% over the previous year. The grain yield per mu is 434.76 kilograms, an increase of 4.72%. The planting area, total yield, and unit yield of grain have all reached new highs, achieving the eighth consecutive increase year by year.

In 2023, the high-yield record of grain in the city was constantly broken. In May, the wheat high-yield demonstration area in Xinqiao Town, Xiangshan County achieved a yield of 540 kilograms per mu, breaking the 13-year record for the highest wheat yield in Ningbo. In early November, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized experts to conduct the yield testing and acceptance on the 100-mu “Yongyou 31” super hybrid rice planted at Haishu Future Farm. After weighing and impurities removing, the average yield per 100 mu was determined to be 984.16 kilograms, with a maximum yield of 1,020 kilograms per mu, breaking the 11-year high yield record of rice in Ningbo. At the end of November, according to experts organized by the Zhejiang Agriculture Committee, the average yield per mu of the

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