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How can Ningbo Enterprises seek opportunities in the

United Nations procurement market?

On September 7th, the 2023 United Nations Procurement Promotion Conference Ningbo, China was held at the Ningbo International Convention Center, attracting over 300 representatives of key industry enterprises from multiple provinces and cities to participate and receive practical training, including many local enterprises in Ningbo.

United Nations procurement is an important component of international public procurement. For Ningbo, ranking 6th in China's foreign trade and with an annual import and export volume exceeding 1.2 trillion yuan

, many enterprises are familiar with foreign trade business, but they rarely have contact with the international public procurement field. How to get the purchase order from the United Nations? How to deeply participate in international public procurement? This is a new issue facing Ningbo foreign trade enterprises.

Data show that the total amount of UN procurement in 2022 was $29.6 billion dollars. One-third of them are "Made in China" products. However, the amount that Chinese enterprises directly bid for UN procurement projects in their own name and signed contracts after winning the bid only totaled 500 million US dollars, accounting for only 1.7% of the total UN procurement amount.

According to Yu Jianlong, Vice President of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, more and more Chinese enterprises are starting to do business with the United Nations. In 2021, more than 10000 Chinese enterprises registered as UN suppliers, but few have directly won the bid.

The same is true with Ningbo. From 2020 to 2022, only four enterprises in Ningbo won the bid in United Nations procurement projects, with a cumulative amount of $3.368 million dollars, accounting for only one thousandth of the total bid amount of Chinese enterprises.

China is a manufacturing country with the most complete range of industrial categories and product categories, but the price advantage of Chinese goods in the United Nations procurement market has not yet been fully realized. This is also the "new blue ocean" of international trade orders that Chinese enterprises need to vigorously explore

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