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Ningbo Continues to Deepen the Policy of "Direct and Fast

 Process" Expected to Reduce the Burden of Enterprises by More than 46 Billion Yuan This Year

Yesterday, it was learned from the Municipal Burden Reduction Office that the "Implementation Plan for Further Reducing the Burden on Enterprises in Ningbo to Help Optimize and Improve the Business Environment "No. 1 Reform Project" has been issued. According to the Implementation Plan, the city will continue to deepen the policy direct access mechanism this year, and it is expected to reduce the burden of the city's business entities by more than 46 billion yuan.

The Implementation Plan pays more attention to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and extends some of the policy years for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. For example, small-scale VAT taxpayers with monthly sales of less than RMB 100,000 (inclusive) will continue to be exempted from VAT, and the implementation period will be extended to December 31, 2027.

Continue to implement the policy of reducing the taxable income of small enterprises by 25% and paying enterprise income tax at a rate of 20%, implement the policy of reducing the annual taxable income of individual industrial and commercial enterprises by no more than 2 million yuan, and extend the implementation period to December 31, 2027.

At the same time, we will continue to reduce the cost of labor, energy, logistics, comprehensive financing and other costs.

In addition, the city will comprehensively standardize enterprise-related fees, enterprise-related administrative licenses and their intermediary services, comprehensively optimize enterprise-related supervision and inspection matters, comprehensively standardize enterprise-related evaluation standards, demonstration creation and other matters, comprehensively optimize and upgrade government services, and comprehensively promote special actions for enterprise services

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