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2023 Ningbo Tourism Season starts

The 2023 Ningbo Tourism Season was launched on March 18, with the theme of "a rendezvous with spring in Ningbo". At the opening ceremony, the theme activities and the latest high-quality tourist routes were released. 

Compared with the previous ones, year's rural tourism season has a wider coverage and richer content, with a total of 10 high-quality tourist routes, over 60 featured theme tourism activities, and over 200 featured tourist products.

From March to June, 34 key tourism towns in NIngbo will hold five major types of activities, including sports and leisure, pastoral picking, rural delicacies, gourmet feasts, and cultural festivals.

To be specific, the sports and leisure activities include the "3rd Sailing Carnival" in Dongchen Township and the "Water and Mountain Sports Season" of Sizhoutou Town; The pastoral picking activities include the "Magic Dalan Tea Culture Tourism Festival" in Dalan Town and the "Loquat Culture Festival" in Xinqiao Town; the rural delicacy activities include the "Rape Flower Festival and Tea Tasting Festival" of Sangzhou Town" and the "evening fair" of Xiayu Village of Qiangjiao Town.

At the opening ceremony, a ceremony was also held for awarding the "Ningbo Holistic Rural Tourism Demonstration Zones". Five towns and townships won the title of demonstration zones, including Qiuchun Town of Fenghua District, Xianxiang Town of Yinzhou District, Qiangjiao Town of Ninghai County, and Dongchen Township and Qiangtou Town of Xiangshan County

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