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2023 Fenghua Honey Peach Culture Festival launched

On March 17, the 2023 Honey Peach Culture Festival was launched in Xiaowangmiao Sub-district of Fenghua District. Many citizen entered this "No.1 Peach Garden" to enjoy peach blossoms, delicious food, and intangible cultural heritage items, embarking on a colorful "flower" trip.

These days, the 50,000-mu peach trees have ushered in their blooming period. The large stretches of pink peach blossoms make this period the best time for peach blossom appreciation.

This year's Honey Peach Culture Festival is divided into two major parts: the "vital Peach Blossom Season" and the "happy Peach Blossom Season". A total of 11 main activities and 15 sub-activities will be held, including the Peach Blossom Marathon Race for runners in

the mainland and across the Taiwan Strait, the "Happy Peach Blossom Garden" forest camping concert, and the "Honey Peach Fair". According to a related person in charge of Fenghua District, with the romantic flower hunting trip and peach tasting banquet, the vast number of tourists can be accompanied by the beautiful peach blossom and peach charm, communicate with the beautiful urban and rural landscapes, and experience the ecological beauty, cultural insights, and new development of Fenghua District.

On the Wangjia Mountain, thousands of mus of peach trees are in bloom, just like  stretches of pink clouds. On the side of mountain road, the "Peach Garden Fair" is held with a length of nearly one kilometer and 70 stalls, where tourists can taste such fresh delicacies as strawberries of Shangtian Town, "thousand-layer cakes" of Xikou Town, the Lis' tofu, and the Fenghua beef noodles, and watch Tang'ao-style paper making, ancient method of making pulp boards, the Xiwu-style ceramics making, and other intangible cultural heritage and peach blossom cultural and creative exhibitions, making it the most popular place for the coming tourists.

The newly launched peach blossom black tea from the "Granny Jiang's" Workshop in Xiaowangmiao Sub-district has a charming aroma and is highly favored by tourists. According to a person in charge from Linjia Village, during this year's flower appreciation season, in addition to the "Peach Garden Fair", there are such activities as "Joy in the Peach Blossom Land" DIY experience activity, the "Affection in the Peach Blossom Land" prayer activity, the blind dates, and camping activities, enabling tourists to fully appreciate the charm of the "peach blossom land"

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