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25 Ningbo tourist spots become provincial tourist posts

According to Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, and Tourism, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has recently released the list of the second batch of “tourist post stations” in Zhejiang Province

. With a total of 25 tourist post stations on the list, Ningbo ranks the first in the province in terms of the number of first-class tourist post stations.

Post stations were used in ancient times for accommodation and transportation for officials who passed on documents. Nowadays, with the increasing number of self driving and cycling travelers, post stations have also gained new connotations. “Tourist post stations refer to public tourist venues and ancillary facilities that provide tourists with services such as rest and supply, information consultation, cultural display, and shopping experience. They are a cultural, tourist, and leisure service platform that integrates service, publicity, and public welfare”, said a related person from Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, and Tourism.

There are a total of 173 designated tourist post stations in the list, including 39 first-class stations, 77 second-class ones, and 57 third-class ones. In Ningbo, there are six first-class tourist post stations, namely Nanlian Village Tourist POst Station in Jiangbei District, Siming Handmade Crafts Tourist Post Station in Yuyao County, Blue Bay Tourist Post Station in Ninghai County, the Entrance Tourist Post Station of Xiangshan Film and Television City in Xiangshan County, the Western Coast Tourist Post Station of Xiangshan County, and Lakeside Sun-chasing Tourist Post Station of Dongqian Lake Tourist Resort. Besides, Ningbo boasts nine second-class tourist post stations and ten third-class stations this time

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