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Five categories of "corridors" for beautiful economy to be built

The Administrative Office of Ningbo People's Government has recently released the "implementation scheme of constructing transportation corridors for beautiful economy", with the focus on the building of the five categories of distinctive transportation corridors.

The first kind is the natural scenic corridors integrating a lot of scenic spots of the city, including such national or provincial scenic resorts as Xikou Town of Fenghua District, the Qiantong Ancient Town of Ninghai County and the Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park, as well as other AAAA scenic areas. By speeding up the construction of such projects as the Ningbo section of the National Highway No.329 and the Provincial Highway No.309, Ningbo aims to improve the traffic and transportation to the scenic areas. Other scenic transportation corridors, based on the island views, ancient folk culture and hot springs and bamboo forests, include the Huanggang Highway of Xiangshan County, the Yuyao section and Fengnhua section of the Huxi Highway, and the Meilin-Shenzhen section of Xiangxi Highway.

The second category is the sci-tech innovation corridors for promoting the smart manufacturing industry in Ningbo. The construction of such major industrial base projects as the Hangzhou Bay New Zone, the Meishan Bonded Port and the Southern Business District of Ninghai County, will be accelerated, as well as such road building projects as the Provincial Highway No.319, the Provincial Highway No.215, and the National Highway No.228. The construction of the roads linking the featured towns will be sped up, such as the Dynamic Town of Jiangbei District, the Marine Finance Town of Meishan Port, the Smart Robot Town of Yuyao County, and the Longshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Town of Cixi County.

The third kind is the ecological corridors to guarantee the livelihood sharing. In accordance with the requirements of the new rural road building, Ningbo will improve or transform the rural roads with a total length of 1200 kilometers based on the construction of the beautiful counties, beautiful countryside and integrated construction of the urban-rural traffic facilities. Roads will be built to connect the villages for "beautiful countryside construction", tourism towns, leisure tourism bases, rural tourist spots, Class-A scenic villages, clustering areas for farm accommodation, agritainment demonstration villages, and leisure agricultural parks. With the convenient and smooth traffic, the ecological road bets will play an important role in the rural vitalization strategy.

The fourth category is the historic and cultural corridors for the inheritance of the culture of Eastern Zhejiang Province. The road network, with the focus on such places of historic interest as the Grand Canal, the Hemudu Site, the Xuedou Mountain, the Baoguo Temple and the Tiantong Temple, will cover other places of interest, the historic and cultural towns or villages or traditional villages at the provincial or state level.

The last kind is the port economic corridors. With the improvement projects as the "Grand Canal cultural belt" and the "banks of the three rivers in Ningbo", Ningbo will further exploit and optimize the functional layout of the roads, in the hope of building the urban ecological water corridors with reasonable layout, complete functions, beautiful environment, rich culture, and port and water features


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