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New Year's Day Holidays boosts short-haul tourism

The 2016 New Year's Day greeted people with a warm temperature. Many citizens went out on the New Year's Eve, which spawned a fever of short-haul tourism. Statistics from Zhejiang Express travel agency showed that 95% of Ningbo citizen opted for this kind of travel.
During the New Year's Day holidays, travel routes featured by special activities, celebration and praying for blessings of/in the new year in the places around the city were especially popular. For example, Fenghua Tengtou Scenic Area has received 4,800 people within 3 days, which brought in a ticketing income of 168,000 yuan. Meanwhile, citizens keen on traveling for recreation or health showed partiality to hot spring resorts and scenic spots featured by skiing, climbing or other sports. In Jiufeng Mountain of Ningbo Beilun District, the hot spring resort released different packages with different prices and the Wang’ao Scenic Spot there also held a New Year hiking, attracting numerous young people. Besides, many people went to Putuo Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain and other famous Buddhist mountains to pray for blessings.
Cultural and recreational activities became the trump card of many tourist attractions. Scenic spots in Cicheng touted themselves with variegated traditional activities like making the rice cake and watching village operas, attracting many citizens. What’s more, activities like the “Elegant Haishu—One-day Tour in the Old Ningbo City” and the “New Year Fair” which rolled recreation and entertainment into one also appealed to a considerable number of foreign visitors. Besides, Xiangshan Film and TV City and Ningbo Universal City became the optimum destinations for young people. During the New Year's Day holidays, the ticket revenue of Xiangshan Film and TV City hiked by 38% over last year, while Ningbo Universal City attracted 24,000 people in total.

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