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World's largest LNG container ship berths at Meishan Port

On the morning of March 28, Jacques Saade of CMA CGM, the world's largest LNG powered container ship, successfully departed from the port after loading 13,165 TEUs at Berth No.7 of the international container

terminal of the Meishan Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, setting the two historical records of the largest LNG powered ship berthing and the largest export volume since the opening of Meishan Port.
As is reported, the ship, 399.9 meters long and 61.3 meters wide, is the world's first LNG powered container ship with the capacity of 23,000 TEUs built by CMA CGM. The ship stayed at the port for more than 60 hours, and then sailed to Europe after completing the loading operation of 13,165 TEUs

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