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Ningbo City Brain goes live today

Ningbo City Brain, a landmark project of Digital Ningbo, went live on the morning of March 27, to mark the Digital Reform conference held on the very same day.

Ye Chunhua, director general of Ningbo Big Data Development Administration, demonstrated the main functions of Ningbo City Brain to Mr. Peng Jiaxue, standing member of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Municipal Party Secretary of Ningbo, and Mr. Qiu Dongyao, deputy secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Ningbo, as well as leaders and officials from different departments.

In line with the "1+5" framework of digital reform in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo City Brain is designed to have 6 integrated application systems, namely Party and Government Affairs, Efficient Government, Robust Economy, People's Livelihood, Rule of Law and Smart Ningbo, which are displayed on the L-shaped screen of the "851" City Brain

Director Ye Chunhua showed various data of the city and introduced the four platforms of Yongyiban (Easy Office), Smart Water Conservancy, Healthy Brain and Community Governance, as well as the App of Ningbo Parking.

Now, the City Brain of Ningbo has brought together 25 department systems with 10.2 billion pieces of data, including more than 6.5 billion pieces of shared data and over 300 million pieces of open data.

By the end of this year, the City Brain is expected to embrace more than 50 application systems that cover major municipal departments,districts, counties, and cities, supporting the five major areas of Digital Ningbo program

The "851" architecture of Ningbo City Brain is highly compatible with the design of the four horizontal and four vertical systems of Zhejiang's integrated intelligent public data platform, and in the next step, Ningbo City Brain will assume the new identity as the city's integrated intelligent platform of public data and take up the new mission of supporting the city's digital reform.

It is planned that the first phase project of Ningbo City Brain will be completed by the end of this year and the whole project will be completed by the end of 2022, thus providing great support for the core business systems of various fields and entities of digital reform.

The City Brain will be well developed in a way to promote demo scenarios featuring joint handling of administrative services, so that the services can be accessed in a "One Website, One Brain, One Screen and One Code" manner and the needs for all-sector, all-entity and all-cycle digital reform can be met

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