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An epidemic prevention

On August 11, the epidemic prevention personnel are having disinfection in the resettlement for the old people in Wangjianong Village, Panhuo Street, Yinzhou District.

From the afternoon of the 10th to the morning of the 11th, the city's disease control system dispatched 46 emergency teams and 217 people to 10 districts, counties (cities) to carry out post-disaster epidemic prevention operations.

At 10 o'clock on the 11th, the Municipal CDC allocated 6.8 tons of bleaching powder, 20 boxes of effervescent tablets, and 31 boxes of bleaching tablets.

The CDC emergency detachment conducts post-disaster disease prevention guidance like environmental sanitation, food and drinking water sanitation, anti-mosquito treatment, fecal treatment, on-site disinfection, personal hygiene, symptom monitoring and so on in disaster settlement in the city.

At the same time, the Municipal CDC used the WeChat public account to publicize post-disaster disease prevention information for three consecutive days, and the cumulative reading exceeded 150,000 times;  27,000 copies and 1,500 posters of "typhoon prevention information" were also released

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