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Mustard harvest in Yuyao

The vegetable grower salted the freshly harvested mustard. (Photo by Xu Neng and Fang Wen)


A marinated pool filled with fresh vegetables. (Photo by Zhang Hui He Feng)

Qing Ming is the harvest season for mustard in Yuyao. It is reported that the total output of Yuyao mustard in 2019 is about 200,000 tons, and the quality is better than in previous years.

The harvest scene in the vegetable fields is quite spectacular, with mechanized equipment playing a major role of harvesting. The purchase and salting of mustard by the salting pool is also very lively. At a purchase point in Simen Town, several large pools are almost full, and workers are sprinkling edible salt on fresh vegetables. After being marinated, the mustard will be given a crisp and delicious taste by time, and finally appear on people’s table.

Yuyao mustard is cultivated in the soft land of the coastal plain, with fertile soil and abundant rainfall. Its growing period will go through the  frosty winter. As a result, the mustard is big and rounded. It tastes crisp and the quality is excellent. As a well-known mustard production and processing base, the city has gradually formed a whole industrial chain of pickling, processing, packaging and sale. This agricultural product has become an important source of income for local farmers. Last year, Yuyao mustard was registered and protected by the National Geographical Symbol

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