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Zhejiang Wanli University to achieve universal “5G + AI” coverage

Students can enter the school and dormitory buildings by face scan and have the virtual classes, and the university can realize the real-time monitoring of people and vehicles and install the new electronic wireless locks. These are just some terms of the “5G smart campus” strategic cooperation agreement signed by Zhejiang Wanli University and the Ningbo branch of China Mobile. So far, the university has completed the 5G smart campus construction of such major areas as the Dongqian Lake campus, and the teaching block, the dormitory area, the library, the sports field and the dining halls of the Huilong campus. With the official operation of the 5G smart campus program, the university will become the first university in Ningbo to achieve the universal “5G + AI” coverage.

According to a person in charge from the Ningbo branch of China Mobile, based on the 5G technology, the company will make joint efforts with Wanli University to build the smart classrooms, optimize the engineering labs

with the 5G teaching, and provide network support for the new-generation digital campus construction. The university will adopt such applications and innovations as the 5G tele-teaching, the 5G VR immersing teaching (like VR classroom and holographic classroom), the smart teaching (like personalized teaching and AI teaching aid), the comprehensive monitoring of face recognition, and the teaching-related big data system.

Meanwhile, with the innovation of teaching practice based on the 5G technologies, the two parties will set up the 5G network planning and optimizing lab, build a great teaching team with strong disciplinary basis and outstanding practical abilities, provide the innovative experiments and practical conditions for the 5G technology research and application, and jointly cultivate the 5G access network certificate engineers and network planning and optimization engineers. In terms of campus security and energy saving, the 5G technology will make the smart monitoring and control possible to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the whole university.

The application of the 5G + AI technology will promote the development of the education information 2.0, and enhance the power of the “internet + education” construction

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