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Ningbo Community College Education Centre for the Aged Opened

Ningbo community college education centre for the aged opened on September 5, with more than 1700 senior citizens enrolled as the first of its students.

As is known, the education resources for colleges for the aged people used to be quite inadequate. Fortunately, with the opening of the Community College Education Centre, things will change greatly.

With the development of idea of lifelong education, an increasing number of senior people devote themselves into all kinds of learning activities. In order to satisfy the requirements, Ningbo is building a new education network for the people advanced in age in all administrative levels. One or two municipal colleges for the old will be established, and at least two independent colleges or learning centers will be opened in each district or county. The development of education resources for the people senior in age will be accelerated, and some educational websites will be built. All these projects are to provide good services for those senior learners as much as possible. The opening of the Community College Education Centre for the old is part of this endeavor.

It is reported that the education centre planned to enroll 1500 students and open 48 classes providing 9 courses such as computer, music and dance, and health and care, etc. Finally, over 1700 senior students were accepted, far more than what was planned. Compared with Ningbo University for the Aged, the requirements for the entrance acceptance of Ningbo Community College Education Centre are not as strict. Any healthy senior citizen of Ningbo is eligible to enroll for the course on presentation of the ID card. Among the first batch of students, quite a lot are just new citizens of Ningbo.

In the past, the colleges for the old were all managed by Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Retired Veteran Cadres. But with the participation of educational institutes, there will be new changes in the educational system for the aged people.

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