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Children's talent competition held

The 2017 Ningbo Children's Talent Competition was held at the Linyue Yayuan Demonstration Center at the corner of East Siming Road and Keji Road of Yinzhou District on May 6.

The competition is jointly sponsored by Ningbo Daily Group and Ningbo Municipal Women's Federation, hosted by Ningbo Urban Media Co. Ltd. It is co-organized by Ningbo Evening, Southeast Daily, the "schooling" section of Ningbo Evening, Ningbo Family Education Institute, Ningbo Media and Culture College and the 0574 Children's Club, and Yinzhou Municipal Investment New City Real Estate Co. Ltd. got the exclusive title sponsorship.

Over 100 children participated in the open audition and performed such talents as dancing, singing, reciting, martial arts and musical instrument playing. 26 groups of them were included in the shortlist for the semi-final. At the end of this month, they will compete for the final with the qualified candidates from the other two open auditions

BM-Lab Supports Student Entrepreneurs

As learned from the second College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair, the Ningbo Dahongying University sets up BM-Lab to support entrepreneurial students, which helps more than 20 students entrepreneurial companies, involving EC, media, brand design, machinery and electronic products, intelligent home furnishing and others.

The BM-Lab not only supports free space for entrepreneurial students, but also provides comprehensive aiding all along. It establishes head-hunting firms, provides financial advisory, sets up company incubator, contacts with governmental venture capital and organization, invites entrepreneurs and venture capitalists as business consultants to provide personalized service for students. Meanwhile, the BM-Lab screens entrepreneurial programs for students by roadshow and constantly amends the business model. It keeps on evaluating monthly and has biannual evaluation to select the superior and eliminate the inferior. The university also spends more than 15 million yuan in innovation and entrepreneurial education every year.

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Ningbo University-University of Angers Joint Institute at Ningbo approved

It is learnt on April 19, the joint institute of Ningbo University and University of Angers was officially approved by the Ministry of Education and Officially included in the national unified enrollment system this year.

The joint institute is expected to have 1,180 students majoring in travel and tourism management, clothes design and city planning; the travel and tourism management also welcomes graduate students. Students will graduate with two diplomas.

The joint institute comes from the solid cooperation foundation between the two universities. In 2010, they started the co-organized travel and tourism bachelor degree program; in 2013, travel and tourism management master degree program was officially approved. The joint institute is another great step forward

First intelligent youth institute at college founded

The first intelligent youth institute at college in Ningbo was established at Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University on April 23.

Initiated by the Computer Science & Data Engineering College of the NIT, the intelligent youth institute aims to promote the growth and development of the young students by conducting the smart education and research involving the college students and teachers, government departments and social organizations and enhancing the college students' abilities in smart publicity, application and transfer as well as their social service awareness, with the theme of "promoting development of smart city, smart campus and smart youth". So far, the institute has established such service teams as the "data for youth" publicity platform, the "youth technology" group and the "smart youth" group. It will then offer supports to the big data analysis and exploitation, the social practice activities of the college students during summer vacations, the campus academic competitions and the college youth intelligence forums

New campus of TAFE Ningbo completed

The launching ceremony of the new campus of TAFE Ningbo was held at the Hangzhou Bay New Zone on November 21.
Reportedly, TAFE Ningbo was established in 2011 as an important comprehensive project integrating concept innovation, model innovation, system innovation, resources combination and development guidance. As a major reform program, the new TAFE Ningbo will definitely promote the educational and cultural cause of the new zone. 
On November 20, the new campus received the first batch of over 700 students, and over 70 teachers from the Foreign Affairs School, foreign teachers and newly recruited teachers

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