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Ningbo Film and Television delegation shows the charm of Ningbo culture

Yesterday, the 2023 Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The Ningbo film and television delegation, composed of 17 film and television enterprises and industrial parks, including

Xiangshan Film and Television City, Ningbo Film Group, Bodi (Ningbo) Film and Television Culture, and Zhejiang Bolang Film, attended the film and television exhibition. Hong Kong famous producers Xu Xiaoming, Lin Guohua, Wu Jieqiang, directors Yang Jianwu, Ma Yucheng, and art director Zhong Zhipeng visited the Ningbo Museum.

Yesterday afternoon, Ningbo held the Hong Kong Promotion Conference of Ningbo Film and Television Industry. It is happy to see that on the day of the launch, Ningbo delegation won three signed projects with a total amount of 45 million yuan, and the transaction value on the first day reached a record high.

Among them, Zhejiang Bolang Film Co., Ltd. gained a lot and signed two projects at one stroke. The company signed a cooperation agreement with Thailand's Neramitnung Film Co., Ltd. on the Sino-Thailand co-production of "The Horror Monster", and also signed an Indian film adaptation and international co-production agreement with India's SUNSHINE FILM Co., Ltd.

The Ningbo Pavilion is named after the Zhejiang United Pavilion as a whole. The design of the pavilion reflects the development advantages of Ningbo's full-range natural film and television industry chain, which integrates shooting, post-production, creative products, and copyright trading, and highlights the cultural confidence of Ningbo's film and television enterprises, so as to show the city image of Ningbo as a modern coastal metropolis.

At the exhibition, more than 100 local works of Ningbo appeared in the cloud, covering various types of TV dramas, films, cartoons, online dramas and films, showing the production level and creative strength of Ningbo film and television.

Many exhibitors said that they hoped that with the help of the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition, a high-quality film and television entertainment trading platform, Ningbo film and television people would take the initiative to connect with the global film and television industry, actively seek cooperation with domestic and foreign film and television enterprises, promote the "going out" of film and television works rich in excellent Chinese cultural elements, tell the story of Ningbo, spread the voice of Zhejiang, and enhance the brand influence of Ningbo Film and Television City


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