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“Memories of Matsuko” to be performed in Ningbo

On the evening of September 10 and 11, the stage play “Memories of Matsuko” will be staged at the Grand Theater of Ningbo Culture Plaza. The play is directed by Zhao Miao, planned by Jiang Fangzhou and starred by Zhang Jingchu. It is adapted from the Japanese film of the same title. Zhang Jingchu is considered to be “the most suitable candidate for Matsuko”. For the performance, she completed new challenges step by step with the persistence and exquisite acting skills of a successful actress, endowed the character with new vitality, and let the audience experience the unique charm of the “Chinese version of Matsuko”. Meanwhile, as a work focusing on women’s fate, this play also brings together female creators in the fields of literature and art: Jiang Fangzhou serves as its literary planner, and mural artist Wen Na as designer of its derivative articles. They will work together to present the character of Matsuko in their minds from different positions and perspectives.

During the three-and-a-half-hour performance, there will be 20 umbrellas, 25 professions, over 40 raincoats, over 60 pairs of shoes, over 100 characters, over 130 sets of clothes, and over 200 props at hand on the stage, and the shortest dressing time is only 7 seconds.

It is worth mentioning that the stage of this play is extremely stylized. Through a large number of limb movements, dance steps and three-dimensional and hierarchical light switching, the play shows the life of Matsuko in silent language, so that the audience can personally experience the changes of her situations among all the ups and downs of her life

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