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The song “Ningbo Dialect” released

On the afternoon of August 23, the song “Ningbo Dialect”, with its lyrics in Ningbo native dialect, was officially released. Compared with the dialect songs adapted from popular songs in the past, this new song is characteristic of the original “Ningbo accent”.

The song is written by Lin Bo, composed by Wang Ping, produced by Wang Shaohong, and delivered by Yang Yang and Wang Ping. It uses the original Ningbo dialect and adds the elements of Ningbo horse lantern tune and Quyi allegro, with a bright rhythm and. The words not only reflect the customs and people’s feelings, but also have a proper sense of humor, showing the unique charm of Ningbo dialect.

“Non-natives get to know Ningbo dialect mostly from local folk art works in Ningbo. Quyi culture is one of the important carriers to expand the influence of Ningbo dialect, and the relationship between them is inseparable. How can local folk art live without dialects?” said Wang Ping, composer and singer of “Ningbo Dialect”. Dialect is an important label of local culture. Making and singing more local dialect songs enable more young people to understand local characteristic culture, and it is also a kind of connecting efforts of the

current generation.

Lin Bo, the lyricist of the song, is a new Ningbonese. He has lived in Ningbo for many years and loves Ningbo culture very much. “The lyrics were written last year. This year, we are conducting a public welfare project about Ningbo dialect, so we modified and improved the lyrics, and finished composing the music.” According to Wang Ping, “Ningbo Dialect” lasts for 3 minutes. The shooting and production of its MV has just been completed by August 22. The landmark buildings, delicious food and beautiful scenery and the image of an Oriental port of Ningbo have been displayed in the MV work

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