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"Meeting of Cuisine" is about to appear on the Old Bund

From June 7th to 9th, according to the overall plan for the 2nd China-CEEC International Consumer Goods Fair and the 23rd Zhejiang Investment and Trade Fair, the 2nd "CEEC Food and Zhejiang Food" Humanities Exchange Activities will be held in the Old Bund. Activities include four sections: the opening ceremony, food exhibitions, cultural and artistic exchanges, and economic and trade projects. By then, more than a hundred booths will display the food produced by European chefs on-site, Central and Eastern European coffee and wine, Czech beer, Zhejiang "100 Counties and Thousand Bowls" food, Ningbo farm snacks and so on.

Serbian and Bulgarian diplomats will be invited to cook their own specialties on the spot, and conduct online live broadcasts. The event will work with the International Gastronomy Committee of the Chinese Culinary Association to jointly organize the Central and Eastern

European Food Challenge. It will also hold the European classical oil painting boutique exhibition. It also includes Chinese and Western cultural performances... The relevant person in charge of the Bureau of Commerce of Jiangbei District said: "This cultural exchange event not only highlights the theme of cooperation with Central and Eastern Europe, but also highlights the culinary collision and artistic blending between China and the West."

It is learned that foreigners will not be invited to attend the event on site, and will implement strict prevention and control measures to ensure the safety of the event

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