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Ningbo grassroots theater troupe sings in Shanghai Big World Club

On July 26, the Ningbo grassroots theater troupe staged a performance of Yong Opera at the invitation of the Shanghai Big World Club. 

Formerly known as the Hengxi Xiaojinfeng Ningbo Opera Troupe, the Yinzhou Sound Ningbo Opera Troupe is a competitive private troupe in the city, active at the grassroots level for a long period of time, and also a team with outstanding performance in Ningbo Opera Festival every year. In March 2018, the Yinzhou Sound Ningbo Opera Troupe was invited by Shanghai TV's colorful channel The People’s Stage to record a special program on “Voice of Yong River” in Shanghai. As an active promoter of the art of Yong Opera, this time the Yinzhou Sound Ningbo Opera Troupe met Shanghai audiences with Yong Opera as a carrier after participating in the opening performance of the 2018 Great World Yangtze River Delta Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival the year before. 

The special session not only brought to the Shanghai audience wonderful fragments of the traditional plays, but also the traditional Chinese operas.

The local sounds and feelings along the banks of the Ningbo River once again stirred the heartstrings of Shanghai's “Old Ningbo”. Dozens of veteran artists from the former Shanghai Corny Wind Ningbo Opera Troupe and Shanghai-Ningbo Alumni Association also came to see the opera. They spoke highly of the Corny Sound Ningbo Opera Troupe, saying that the troupe has a distinct style of corny wind, which makes the audience feel intimate; the performers are youthful and beautiful, with solid singing skills and passionate performances, and several performances will make you shed tears. They hoped that Ningbo Opera Troupe could perform in Shanghai more often, so that they could listen to the opera of their hometown and feel nostalgic for it

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