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Ningbo's shows on CCTV

"Ningbo has the best geographical location, the auspicious air comes from East, and the program was displayed first among the four cities." "Ningbo venue is super cool with drones." In the evening of January 23, CCTV "Our Chinese Dream—the Celebration of 2020 Spring Festival" special program was launched on CCTV-3 on time. Many people in Ningbo expressed their feelings about this gala. Among the epidemic prevention and control information, these feelings are like a different kind of warm current, bringing taste  of new year and pride.

The venue of the "Our Chinese Dream-the Celebration of 2020 New Year" broadcast on the evening of January 23 in Ningbo.  Video screenshot

 Melody of Ningbo on CCTV Stage

The gala opened with the songs "Spring Festival Overture" + "Come home for the New Year". The first shot focused on Ningbo.

The Tianyi Pavilion Square on the screen is full of big red lanterns, red arches set up, and even the decorative clouds are red.  In the enthusiastic introductions of the hosts Guo Zhijian and Li Sisi, Ningbo, a historical city famous for "A City of Books and A Gateway to the World", is saying Happy Spring Festival to all the people in the country.  When the host said that Ningbo was a livable city and a city of love, the audience responded loudly: Everything in Ningbo is so good!   

Later, Jiuyueqiji sang songs such as "Fortune Comes from East" and "Chinese Auspiciousness". The children in Ningbo also played electronic keyboards and sang New Year songs with the singers. The actor Jingchao riding a super-sized "Aerial Camera", landed at the venue in a marvel, and sang "Happy Man" with Jin Han; the camera shifted to Ningbo Zhoushan Port, actor Li Chen transformed into a dock worker, and sang "Time Trumpet" with the workers, "Power is in hand,  "The dream is ahead, sweat is not in vain, labor is the most romantic" These lyrics show that workers are powerful ... Each program is very exciting!

Striking Ningbo Elements on the Stage

CCTV host Li Sisi interviewed Zhou Xiufang, a 73-year-old "educational grandma" who moved the country. Grandma Zhou was seen holding a small hand-made pendant. She said that it was a gift from a Guizhou child who received funding. The child was admitted to the normal university with the support of a kind person in Ningbo.  The child said that he would be like Grandma Zhou in the future and would also become a teacher after graduation.  Grandma Zhou took out the children's paintings and told the audience across the country: These paintings were also given to her by the children. There are houses in the paintings. These houses are the hope primary schools donated by the caring people together.

The virtual singer Luo Tianyi is very amazing. It not only sang the classic folk song "Jasmine" with the singer Dimash, but also sang with a section of Ningbo dialect "Laifa, Dialai", performing a lively piece of music "Ningbo people are musicians who speaks very well.

The camera swept through the audience. Among the audience, there were representatives of Ningbo's labor models and moral models. The small table in front of the audience was filled with various traditional Ningbo food, fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood, as well as Ningbo specialty cakes such as Liang Nong cakes, fragrant fried rice cake, and souffle. The audience in Ningbo waved the national flag in their hands and immersed themselves in the wonderful program.

Citizens' sense of pride

"Ningbo's shows come first" "Super drones are so cool" "Li Chen incarnates as a dock worker in Ningbo Zhoushan Port" "Drones, virtual singers, and the Ningbo venue is full of modernity" "  "Jasmine", which is a collaboration between Dimash and virtual singer Luo Tianyi, is "awesome" ... Among the many people in Ningbo, they are full of pride.

"Post-00" college student Xiaofang said: "Just drop your phone and watch TV at 19:20! I didn't expect Ningbo to be the first show. Looking at the familiar skyscrapers, ancient buildings, trees, grass and flowers, in the eyes of our students studying abroad, my hometown is just like an ink painting. The venue of the show, Tianyi Pavilion and Ningbo Zhoushan Port, also fit Ningbo's slogan 'A city of books and a gateway to the world'. I'm especially proud of being a Ningboese! "

"Post-70s"lady Ms. Xu said that she was so happy to watch CCTV "Little Spring Festival Gala" at home." And Ningbo is the protagonist of this party. It's so Great!

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