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A dynamic night picture at the Old Bund

The lively night at the old Bund. (Shi Yuchao)

High temperature is coming, and many people prefer to go out at night. At 12 o'clock on the evening of the 23rd, the hot summer air has been blown away by the river wind. At the Old Bund on the riverside, the buildings are still brightly lit, neon flashing, and people shaking. This is the best business season in the Bund Bar Street.

Have a look at the "nightlife circle"

In this street, there is a very experienced bar owner who has been in the street for 7 years. In fact, he had been doing bar business for 11 years on the Mayuan Road previously.

“It has gotten hot recently. In addition to the regular visitors to the bar, many young people can't stand staying at home. They like to stay in the bar for half a night. From 7:00 to 10:00 pm, the foreign customers account for about 15%. Many guests won’t leave until the band left at the early morning of next day. If it happens to be a weekend or a holiday, the overall atmosphere will be better, and the business hours will be longer."

Rather than running a "bar business," he is more willing to immerse himself in the "bar culture" when he has been in the industry for many years.

“In the night consumption of the city, bar consumption is usually indispensable. As the saying goes, wine and music are the best match. I have been running the bar for 18 years. What impressed me most is that in the past three or four years, there are more and more pure music bars in Ningbo. And the singers’ music styles are becoming more diverse. The public is more willing to pay for the added value of the bar culture."

According to statistics, in the first half of 2019, the flow of people in the old Bund neighborhood reached 1.2 million.

The old Bund has more "cultural flavor"

Incorporating more and more elements of culture and tourism in the night life of Ningbo is one of the directions that the old Bund has been exploring in recent years.

From the beginning of the Xinjiang Bridge along the River Trail in the Old Bund to the north, you can always see the street performers in twos and threes. It is learned that in 2019, in the management of the street art of the Old Bund, in addition to last year's singing art, there are also other elements such as accordion, flute, dance, etc., and the enthusiasm of street performers is also higher.

Walking to the outer wall of Ningbo Art Museum, there is a "city light" sculpture exhibition that has been set up all the year round. The ancient sculptures convey the aesthetic power of folk culture. It is learned that the night is lit up for the public to enjoy themselves, and many people are taking pictures.

Light show makes Sanjiangkou beautiful

Standing on the bank of the Old Bund, Sanjiangkou under the night is full of brilliance, and the light show is full of movement.

It is learned that since 2016, many tall buildings and five cross-river bridges along the Yongjiang River in the core area of the Three Rivers and the Sixth Bank have used the linkage control of landscape lighting scenes to create a unique light show with Ningbo characteristics

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