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4 New Self-Service Book-Borrowing Machines Installed in Ningbo

As the first phase of Ningbo subway Line 3 opened to traffic, the online service of Ningbo Library extended further along the rail. Starting from July 5, another 4 self-service book-borrowing machine will installed in subway stations of line 3, apart from the existing 3 machines in two Ningbo Libraries and Drum Tower subway station.

Provided by Ningbo Library, each one of such self-service book-borrowing machines is just like a mini library which makes borrowing a book as convenient as ordering food online. People can either borrow books from one of these machines with their phone or with a QR code through a third-party credit platform. Neither deposit nor membership card is required.

In 2018, Ningbo’s first self-service book-borrowing machine was installed in Drum Tower station in December, which is a transfer station for line 1 and line 2. In the following month, a total of 2500 books had been borrowed from this machine, the most among some 260 self-service book-borrowing machines across China. Apart from Drum Tower station, self-service book-borrowing service is now available in 4 more

subway stations, which are Gate E of Sakura Park station, a transfer station for line 1 and line 3, Gate B of Ningbo University station of line 2, Gate A of Southern Business District station of line 2 and Gate B of Zhonghe Road station of line 1.

Activities will be held by Ningbo Library this weekend in Sakura Park station to attract readers, including an activity named “Lucky Book”. People who can borrow a book from the machine in Sakura Park station within given time can have the opportunity to win a book which is randomly picked

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