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Line 3 starts trial operation

On June 30th, passengers rushed to try Line 3. The picture shows the crowd standing in the gate at Children's Park Station. (Photo by Liu Bo)

At 10:00 on the morning of June 30, the first phase of Ningbo Rail Transit Line 3 begun its trial operation. It indicates that Ningbo Rail Transit has entered the era of multi-line operation.

At 9:00 on the 30th, the station of Children's Park Station on Line 3 was almost crowded with people who wanted to try taking Line 3.

The departure train of Children's Park Station arrived at 9:50 and all the passengers there couldn’t wait to try it. There are 15 stations in the first phase of Line 3, and the entire line runs for 37 minutes. A total of 20 electric bus drivers are ready, and 11 trains run at various sites. When you get on the train, you will find that every carriage is full of passengers. Everyone is talking about the convenience brought by the opening of Line 3.

A woman said that her family lives in the area around Romon Universal Park. The working place is near the Children's Park. It takes about one hour to drive to work. With Line 3, it takes just half an hour for her to get on the train from Juzhang Road and get off at Children's Park Station, saving a lot of time and travel expenses. The husband next to her said that maybe they could sell their private car.

After the trial operation of Line 3, Ningbo Metro has entered the multi-line operation state. At around 10:00 am, I went to Line 1 and Line 2 and found that both were also crowded, especially at Sakura Park Station and Gulou Station. A subway staff member around me said happily: "Today is Sunday, and the day of the opening of Line 3, everyone seems to have come out to take the subway."

Traffic artery running through the north and south of the city

As the traffic artery running through the north and south of the city, the first phase of Line 3 starts from the south of the business district, Yinzhou Wanda Plaza, Impression City, Metro, Tianlun Square and Carrefour, and passes by landmarks such as Tongjiang Science and Technology Grand Corridor, Gymnasium, Children's Park, and Ningbo Museum. It is a real  “Golden Line”.

The opening of Phase 1 of Line 3 has enabled Ningbo Rail Transit to reach 91 kilometers, and the number of operating stations has increased to 66, covering the main urban areas of Ningbo, connecting key blocks such as Tianyi Business Circle, Southern Business District, Municipal Administrative Service Center and South and North Higher Education Park, as well as railway hubs such as Ningbo Railway Station, Lishe Airport, Transport Center and Yinzhou Transport Terminal.

Ningbo Metro realizes full mobile payment

Ningbo Metro has already supported mobile payment and citizens can travel with only one mobile phone. On the morning of the 30th, Ningbo Rail Transit and Ant Financial Service launched the “Green Travel and Build a Beautiful China – Starting from Ningbo” campaign in Ningbo. The Alipay program was launched on the Ningbo rail transit.

That morning, Alipay sent 500 gifts to the citizens of Ningbo. Passengers can receive the ticket vouchers by scanning the code and brushing their faces. This marks that Ningbo has become one of the earliest cities in the country to realize mobile payment by subway.

According to the staff of Ningbo Rail Transit Group, due to the trial operation in advance, the first phase of Line 3 is currently open for 38 entrances and exits, and there are still some room for improvement in the hardware and software of the project. Opinions and suggestions can be made through the station customer service center, or 24-hour operation service hotline 83070000

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