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2011 China Youth Fashion Design Contest opened in Ningbo

The "Pioneer Cup" 2011 China Youth Fashion Design Contest, jointly hosted by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League, All-China Federation of Youth, Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Ningbo Municipal Government recently opened in Ningbo.

The contest has received 300 contestant works from 28 provinces, cities and areas including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Zhejiang. Some works are recommended by Beijing Fashion Institute and China Academy of Arts and other comprehensive universities. Some are from professional designers and even famous brand designers in China.

On the afternoon of August 21, an appraisal was conducted by a jury made of Wu Haiyan, Vice Chairman of China Fashion Designer Association, Li Xin, a senior fashion designer, Dr. Zhang Mingjie, Zhang Fuliang of Zhejiang Institute of Textile and Garment and Qi Baijun, director of China Hongbang Institute.

It is learned that the final contest will be conducted in middle October during Ningbo International Fashion Festival.

This contest is organized by Zhejiang Youth League Committee and Ningbo Youth League Committee, and assisted by China Fashion Association, China Fashion Designer Association, and China Fashion Association.

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