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The 3rd "Attraction of Yinzhou" Conference Kicked off on the 27th

It was learned yesterday that the third “Attraction of Yinzhou” conference in 2021 will kick off on October 27 and will last until November 29. In the meantime, 11 events will be held, including 2 comprehensive events and 9 special events.

It is understood that this conference will release the Yinzhou District Youth Talent Policy for the first time, and will provide young talents with thoughtful "big gift packages" in the six areas of entrepreneurship and innovation, and live and work. "A Tale of Two Cities" and other themes held a number of special events "connecting antennas and grounding air"; holding Hangzhou-Ningbo Science and Technology Innovation Forum, Yangtze River Delta University Design Discipline Symposium, Shanghai-Ningbo High-tech Achievement Promotion Conference, Global Youth Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ningbo Summit, Ningbo Digital Economy Summit Forum and other activities; intensively signed 15 "high-precision" and "short and fast" projects of nearly 3 billion yuan, invited more than 80 high-level talent projects to participate in the road show, and deepened the school-site co-construction of universities and key enterprises in Yin , The association and others came to the "main stage" of the conference.

On October 18th, the results of the "2021 (5th) National Talent Work Innovation Case Collection and Selection Activity" were announced. The "Wanyou Yinli" talent work brand selected by the Yinzhou District Committee Organization Department (Yinzhou District Committee Talent Office) "Creation and Deepening of" won the Excellent Case Award, which is also the fifth consecutive national talent work innovation case in Yinzhou District.

According to reports, at present, among the permanent residents of Yinzhou District, there are nearly 460,000 people with a college degree or above, accounting for nearly 1/3 of the district’s population; there are 144 short-listed key talent plan experts at the municipal level and above, and they have national incubators and public There are 12 creative spaces, 45 post-doctoral workstations at or above the provincial level, and 91 provincial-level high-tech R&D centers. The relevant indicators rank first in the province and first in the city. It is the only two-time “double innovation” demonstration base in the province that has been supervised and motivated by the State Council. area

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