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First 9610 cross-border e-commerce export channel launched in Ningbo

Recently, the first 77,000 deals of cross-border e-commerce exports were successfully cleared at the post office customs with the code-scanning by the customs staff, and shipped outbound by a third-party logistics company. This marks the successful opening of the 9610 cross-border export business at the China (Ningbo) Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park located in the Haishu District.
The "9610 business" refers to the new supervision model of the cross-border e-commerce business, starting in February 2014. As the first port equipped with the 9610 tax refund channel, the China (Ningbo) Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park can now provide services to the whole city and even the surrounding areas. "As the first industrial park as a pilot for the cross-border e-commerce in Ningbo, we started early with a good foundation and complete functions." said a person in charge from the park. Early in October 2016, the park started the post office 9610 business, and now the third-party logistics 9610 business has been launched, realizing the transparent customs clearance, exchange settlement and tax refund.

"Compared with the offline trade, the cross-border e-commerce transactions are more direct with less steps. The new 9610 business model serves as a more convenient and efficient cross-border e-commerce channel for Ningbo and the surrounding areas." said the same person, "The e-commerce enterprises serve as persons responsible. The business statistics are included into the cost of the enterprise business, which will play an active role in terms of enterprises financing and future development. The development of the cross-border e-commerce export channel will attract more enterprises for settlement at the industrial park.

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