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The First Internet Software Security Detection Platform Launched in Ningbo

WuKong”, the country’s first high-level industrial internet software security detection platform was launched in Jiangbei District, Ningbo. The platform will detect system loopholes of the industrial internet in a more precise and efficient way, thus further motivating enterprises to “go to the Cloud”. The launch comes amid worries of manufacturers over both online and offline entwined security risks as the internet connects production links with the external network and largely increases efficiency. 

“With four years of development, the platform has been geared to top international standard in terms of core technologies, including testing capacity, testing efficiency and accuracy. In this way, it breaks the long-term monopoly of the United States and Israel in this field.”, according to Dr. Li Lian, a researcher at the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Science, and CEO and founder of Ningbo Zhongketianqi Information and Technology Co. Ltd. 

Compared with traditional cyber security products including Firewall which focuses on “external environment security”, “WuKong” emphasizes more on “internal hazards” of systems. In its early development stage, the platform is able to search, identify, trace and repair the technological and logical loopholes in codes, thus safeguarding security of systems. 

The product has won the second prize of the NASAC2018 proposition competition awarded by the Chinese Computer Society and the 2018 Best Entrepreneurship Award issued by the National Technology Transfer Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Looking forward, the platform will comprehensively enhance security of websites, e-commerce platforms and Apps. It will also provide professional and comprehensive software source code vulnerability detection solutions for domestic and foreign governments, finance, telecommunications, technology and other industries.

The Ningbo Innovation Center is the first one set by the Institute in the country. Since its founding in July, 2018, the Center has incubated Ningbo Zhongketianqi, Ningbo Yuan Yang Education and other enterprises and attracted 14 doctors to work in the city

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