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Ningbo to be built as cradle of Chinese new country music

News came from the press conference of Ningbo Municipal Information Office held on the afternoon of March 25 that Ningbo will take a range of important measures to strengthen the construction of the city as a cradle of the "new country music of China".

The new country music of China, mainly reflecting the rich nostalgia, homesickness, home tongue, and affection for hometown under the background of new rural life and urbanization in contemporary China, is a new type of music that conforms to the aesthetics of the new era and the characteristics of regional culture. It is an integration of a variety of music styles, such as rock and roll, folk songs, electronic music, local plays and dialect tunes.

Jointly sponsored by the Publicity Department of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Publicity Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, the "development plan for the new country music in China" is now based in Ningbo

and will be promoted to the whole province and even the whole country. The program consists of four major plans. As for the base and platform construction plan, the headquarters base of the new country music will be built, as well as ten performing bases and 100 creation experience camps for the new country music. Then in accordance with the talent recruitment and incubation plan, the nationally prominent musicians will be invited to Ningbo to start up their studios (or companies) or conduct cooperative projects. In the following two years, 200 professional music talents involved in the new country music will be trained or introduced. The promotion and expansion plan for the new country music includes the quarterly new country music shows, the annual music ceremony, and the regular issuing of the "new country music lists" in cooperation with the Broadcasting, Literature and Art Work Committee of China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television and the large Internet music platforms. The industrial development and promotion plan of the new country music will adopt the "government leading, market-based operating and public participating" pattern to build the "NCM Music Park", which will cover an area of about 30 mu.

Reportedly, the launching ceremony of the "development plan for the new country music of China" as well as the opening ceremony of the "spring creation experience camp" will be held at the Daren Village of Jiangbei District on March 29. At the ceremony, the headquarters base and the first group of bases for new country music will be inaugurated, the cooperation agreement will be signed, and a new country music concert will be held

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