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Social worker activities brisk in Ningbo

Recently, a creative display competition for "micro treatment" was held at the Nanmen Street of Haishu District. With the sitcoms, sketches and poem recitals composed and directed by the social workers from the 11 communities of the district, the competition was a vivid reflection of the daily work of the 101 social workers of the district. 
Currently, there are 6,497 social workers in Ningbo with the national social workers' professional certificate, resulting in an average of 8.1 professional social workers per 10,000 people. According to the statistics released at the recently held opening ceremony of the "publicity week for social work", there are also six state-level demonstration stations for social work services, four provincial training and practicing bases for social work professionals, six provincial social work supervision talents, and 30 municipal demonstration bases for social work, enabling Ningbo to rank high in the province in terms of its overall level of social work. 

Over the past years, Ningbo has been broadening the development path of social work and providing professional services for people, families and communities in need, by focus on the work of policy, platform ad talents. So far, the social work services have covered such areas as social welfare, social relief, community service, marriage and family, rehabilitation of the disabled, dispute resolution and emergency handling. 
Within six months, the "family-friendly visiting" program of the social relief helped a disabled teenager found his direction of life, encouraged a disabled young man to overcome his inferiority complex and start to look for a job, made a 14-year-old rebellious girl return her home, and helped a middle-aged widowed woman get out of her low mood and gain confidence for life. "This program aims to awaken the service objects' passion for life and increase the sense of participation of the social workers, changing the services into warm sharing and interaction." said a person in charge of the program. 
The Yunlu Bay Community of the Cicheng Town is a typical community for the "new comers to Ningbo", as over 80% of the senior people there are new comers from other places. The "integration project" of the community has helped them to build and improve the new social supporting network. With the guidance of the social workers, the seniors have got involved in the trips for the elderly, joined in the community club for the "elderly immigrants" and become more active in participating in the community affairs.  
The social workers and social work organizations have become an indispensible force in the public service domain of Ningbo. Over the past five years, the social workers, with their expertise, have helped to solve such problems as the construction garbage dumping, random parking in communities, and purchase of convenience facilities, and have established the social supporting system for the disabled and children in need, helping them to integrate into the society better. 
In 2018, Ningbo invested about 10 million yuan in over 300 professional service projects, and the social workers conducted over 3,000 service activities benefiting over 20,000 people

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