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Models for rural tourism selected

Recently, the Maoyang Township of Xiangshan County, the North Mountain area of Jiangbei District, the Dayan Town of Fenghua District and the Huchen Township of Ninghai County have been selected as the first demonstration zones for rural region-based tourism.

To further promote the element clustering and transformation and upgrading of rural tourism, in May 2016, Ningbo took the lead in China to launch the rural region-based tourism model, and a large group of areas with outstanding tourist resources and good industrial bases started to build the region-based tourism units. The above four demonstration zones have then been selected through on-the-spot inspection, oral defense and ledger check.

"Through the construction, the demonstration zones can further integrate their tourist resources, realize the leap-forward development, and improve their service standard and tourist receiving capacity. They are the models for Ningbo’s rural tourism" said a person in charge from Ningbo Tourism Bureau. By focusing on the construction of the rural region-based tourism demonstration zones, Ningbo has made up its shortcomings like the low quality of rural tourist products, incomplete public services and lack of image brand, leading to the improvement of the popularity, reputation and satisfaction of rural tourism in Ningbo.

"We now have clustering industries, complete industrial patterns, smart tour and rich experience to attract the tourists for traveling and staying, and the brand effect and demonstration role can be seen now." said Zhang Ping, Dean of Ningbo Tourism Academy. As the leading areas for rural tourism, the demonstration zones have developed their own experiences and patterns. For example, the introduction of the platform companies of Dayan Town and the township-street development model of the North Mountain area of Jiangbei District have provided new ideas and examples for the construction of other areas for rural tourism.

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