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Ningbo's First Construction (Renovation) Waste Online Monitoring Platform Goes Online

Renovated garbage dump disposal equipment located in the high-tech zone. (Photo by Zhang Kaikai and Jiang Yizhou)

Urban decoration waste has become a “big problem” in the process of urban development and management due to its large and heavy body, the difficulty of manual sorting, and the high cost of disposal. A few days ago, Ningbo National High-tech Zone officially launched the city's first online monitoring platform for construction (renovation) waste, adding a "digital engine" to the standardized disposal of decoration waste.

"The use of this platform has built a global, informatized, standardized, and high-energy-level collection, transportation and disposal model, which realizes traceability of the source and clear destination, and provides a new way to help the city's waste source classification, reduction, and resource utilization. 'Model'." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Classification Office said.

At noon on March 18, Liu Hushun, the property manager of Lanting Garden Community in the High-tech Zone, experienced the convenience brought by the construction (decoration) waste online monitoring platform. He took out his mobile phone, opened the "Ningbo Construction and Decoration Garbage Removal" applet, took and uploaded a picture of the decoration garbage site, and after confirming the removal location and on-site contacts, Liu Hu then began to "wait" to take orders. After 15 minutes, the notification showed "Order was successfully received." In less than half an hour, the clearing master and the vehicle arrived at the scene.

At present, the platform has been fully promoted in 59 communities in the high-tech zone. Each community can place, view, and evaluate orders on the mobile phone applet; each clearing unit can receive orders, dispatch orders, and view order information in the background. At the same time, the 32 transport vehicles of the clearing and transportation unit were also uniformly installed with satellite positioning systems. In the process of transporting the decoration waste to the disposal site, the system can grasp the location and running track of the vehicle in real time throughout the process, and supervise the collection and transportation of the waste

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