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"Magic Dalan" Tea Culture Tourism Festival begins

The opening ceremony of the 14th "Magic Dalan" Tea Culture Tourism Festival was held in Yuyao County on March 23.

With the theme of "tea drinking, flower appreciating and seeking for immortality", this year's festival will last until May 23, carrying out such activities as the tea making competition, the 5th mountaineering and cherry blossom appreciation activity, the tea drinking activity, the folk chef competition, the poetry recital conference, and the 5th Lanshan Mountain Tea Meeting.

With a long history of tea planting, the Dalan Town of Yuyao County boasts a tea planting area of over 20,000 mu and an annual dry tea production volume of 3,000 tons, making it the No.1 tea production town in Zhejiang Province and winning it the titles of "home of the mountain cloud-and-mist tea in China" and "home of a renowned tea in China". "This year's festival will integrate tourism and the local culture, and with colorful online and offline activities, the festival will

further enhance the reputation of the tea products of the Dalan Town, besides promoting the tourism featuring the tea garden sightseeing, characteristic homestays and leisure farm experience, attracting more tourists to our town." said a person in charge from the Dalan Town

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