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Bird watching festival kicks off at Hangzhou Bay Wetland Park

Bird watching festival kicks off on the morning of May 13th at Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park. At the end of spring, grand migration of summer birds takes place, forming a feast for the eyes. The festival lasts till June 18th; special bird watching route opens only on weekends with a maximum overflow of 200 per day.

Hangzhou Bay Wetland is one of the largest brackish water wetlands in southeast Asia, an important session of bird migration route from Australia to Siberia. It is recorded that 244 types of birds have visited the wetland park and its surroundings since 2005.

It’s a paradise for birds and bird watching at close range and massive scale is not recommended. “It is a bird conservation park with a fragile ecological environment, so we have special routes for the tourists and with a set quota of visitors at a set time,” said the responsible man. Therefore tourists can feast their eyes on the birds while promoting the harmonious relationship between humans and nature

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