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Ningbo Port's annual container throughput reached 14.5 million TEUs

In 2011, with its strategic aim of becoming an international strong port, Ningbo Port achieved a historical high for its annual container throughput. According to the production briefing of Ningbo Port Co. Ltd, the annual container throughput of the port reached 14.5 million TEUs, up by 11.6% over the last year. In terms of the amount of container throughput, Ningbo Port ranks No.3 among the mainland coastal ports and NO.6 in the world.

Affected by the international economic situation, in 2011, some major shipping companies withdrew or combined some main container routes to the United States and Europe. Ningbo Port took active measures to cope with problems under such a difficult background. Within the year, 43 new routes were adjusted or opened and three disused routes were restored. At the end of the year, there were 236 routes, a net increase of eight routes over the previous year. The yearly number of container flights added up to 15,000.

By setting up more "dry ports", Ningbo Port extended its goods shipping bases further into the inland. So far, "dry ports" in Jinhua, Yiwu, Shaoxing, Quzhou, Shangrao and Yingtan have been put into operation. In 2011, the business volume of the "dry ports" reached 218,000 TEUs, up by 95% over the previous year. With the interaction of such parties as Ningbo Port International Container Company, the railroad branch of Ningbo Port Co. Ltd, "dry ports" and freight forwarders, the port completed a rail-sea container transportation volume of 46,500 TEUs, up by 65% over the previous year

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